When one thinks of trending topics, the topic of funerals is not usually one that comes to mind. However, even funerals and funeral planning businesses have current trends. The following trends have been reported by funeral home directors as the latest in the funeral industry.


Many more clients are opting for cremation services for their loved one, or when planning funeral services for themselves. The most recent numbers showed that around 35% of individuals that passed away in the United States opted for cremation services. Cremation can be a cheaper alternative. It also does not steal the opportunity for a visitation and full funeral from the family. The deceased may opt for an open (rented) casket for viewing, visitation and funeral services, with cremation to follow before burial. The decedent may also opt for cremation prior to the services, and have the cremains present in a beautiful urn during the visitation and funeral.

Advance Funeral Planning 

Many clients are also planning funeral issues in advance, so these tasks are taken care of before they pass. This relieves a heavy burden from the shoulders of the family members and friends they leave behind. A competent funeral director can help plan every aspect of the service, from the flowers, casket and vault to the music, venue and cemetery plot. The client can opt to pay for the service and related costs up-front, or these can be paid by the family after the client passes and the life insurance policy makes payment to the family.

Use of Technology

Many funeral directors are reporting the increased usage of technology for both funeral planning and during the funeral or memorial service itself. Clients are able to use online resources to plan funeral services and pick out the items they want for burial, such as urns, caskets and other accessories. Funeral homes are also using technology to help memorialize the deceased individual after passing. Slideshows of pictures on a large screen, or movies being played on a television or screen during the visitation or memorial service are great ways to show how the person lived and the legacy they left behind. Family and friends that live far enough away that attending the services would be a hardship can also watch services online thanks to live broadcasts now being offered by many funeral homes. Memorial CDs and DVDs are also provided to those left behind if the family wishes.

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